October 2017

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AZMerit Results

Wednesday, Sept 6th was the long awaited AZMerit test score release by the Arizona Department of Education. Interested parents, grandparents, students and taxpayers can review the performance of all of the state’s K-12 schools, both district and charter. State grades for the schools, largely based on these outcomes, will be released later this year. The chart below shows the relative comparison of performance of some area schools. It also lists the averages for the state and Yavapai County. For access to all scores, including performance by individual grade or other groupings, go to the state’s  Department of Education website (www.azed.gov) and click on the headline “Final 2016-17 AzMerit Results Released”

AzMerit tests two areas, English Language Arts and Mathematics, starting in third grade. The state does administer a science test to a few grades but those results are not in this release.  Individual test performance results were released earlier to individual student’s families.

As a county, Yavapai County students performed, on average, ahead of the students in 12 of the other counties in Arizona but just under those in Greenlee and Maricopa counties.


PRESCOTT  County residents are invited to participate in a Community Town Hall that focuses upon gathering recommendations for “Funding PreK-12 Education.  It is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 17, on the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University campus in the Jack L. Hunt Student Union Building.

The intent of the Community Town Hall is to let local residents provide input into what is hoped will be a comprehensive plan to ensure the state supports a robust education system, said Tara Jackson, president, Arizona Town Hall.

“We’re hoping to gather as many recommendations from as broad a population as possible from around the state from more than 20 town halls we’re conducting in the next two months,” Jackson said.    “Those recommendations then become a part of the statewide Town Hall we are sponsoring Nov. 12-15 in Mesa.”

Jackson said a core belief among many in Arizona is that economic vitality of the state is dependent upon a strong and well-supported education system.   She also said a recent poll indicated that Arizonans named generating support for a quality education system as the biggest issue facing the state.

Several speakers will present information and lead discussions at the Quad City Town Hall.   Among them are Dick Foreman, president and CEO, Arizona Business and Education Coalition; Tim Carter, president, Arizona State School Board, and superintendent, Yavapai County Schools.

Also featured is a panel presentation from three education authorities:  Rosemary Agneessens, community outreach, Forest Fee Management Association; Jennifer Hernandez, community mobilizer, Expect More Arizona-Northern Arizona; and Lisa Hosking, consultant, Tenney Blended Learning Strategies.

Those interested in attending should contact Laura Parsons, 602-252-6000

or http.aztownhall.org/CommunityPrograms.   The registration fee, which includes lunch and beverages during the day, is $25.   The deadline for cancellations is Oct. 11.


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